Don’t Buy Teacup pigs from classified ad sites

Don’t Buy Teacup pigs from classified ad sites.


Don’t Buy Teacup pigs from classified ad sites

Don’t buy Teacup pigs from classified ads

Don’t buy teacup pigs from classified ads! There you go I said it! You can search classified ads like Hobbly or Domestic sale and find “teacup pigs” for under a thousand! What a deal right? Think again!!!! They are scam ads. You wont find a real teacup pig for under 1,000. Don’t get me wrong. I think all pigs are cute! But there is a big difference from a pet pig you can have in the house and a 500 LBS hog.

I have talked to countless people who have been scammed by classified as sites and end up sending what they thought was a potbelly pig to a sanctuary. Pot belly pigs get 200-400 LBS where a teacup pig ranges between 20-60 LBS.

Teacup pigs seem to have a much more friendly nature than larger hogs. Don’t get me wrong pigs are smart and can be trained to do just about anything, but if you are wanting a teacup pig and end up getting a hog things can get a little scary. The hog can turn aggressive and put your family in danger. That is why it is important you be careful who you are buying from. If you need to save up to get a teacup pig do it! Don’t buy a pig just because it is cheap or you might regret it.

So how much should you expect to pay for a teacup pig?

Real teacup pigs can range in price from $1,500-3,500

I know right that is pretty expensive! Trust me I always want to find a good deal. I am the guy that won’t buy a new car cause it looses value as soon as you take it off the lot. I am the guy that will go look for clothes at the mail try on to make sure it fits and then go buy it on ebay to save money. Yes you could definitely say I am a penny pincher. I love getting a bargain. ” A penny saved is a penny earned.”

So after a lot of research I have found a site that gives you the best quality teacup pig bloodlines but also a price that is pretty inexpensive. The Best thing about this site is that you still get a quality pig like you would from an elite breeder like Pampered Piglets it is their bargain site or like a closeout rack for their pigs.

The site is called Cheap Teacup Pigs I think it is a pretty cute site and they even offer financing on their teacup pigs! 🙂

I was debating either to get a french bulldog pup or to buy a teacup pigs and I chose to adopt Lu Lu my teacup piggy. She loves to cuddle and is very smart. She makes a really good pet.Image

I think it gives a lot of useful information about raising a teacup pig. Please feel free to comment and add addition sites that you think offer high quality teacup pigs at a good price.


I was pretty excited when I found this site. I think there are a lot of other fellow pig lovers out there who want a teacup pig and are looking for a good deal. I hope this helps!!


Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed!

The teacup pig in the right corner is my teacup pig Lu Lu! She loves to cuddle